Dock Renovations and Seawall rebuild...

Posted by William Farrand on

Here was our dock in 2018. A beautiful spot to enjoy a latte with a breath taking view of Morro Bay and Morro Rock. But, there was a problem. The seawall, which had been put in during the '60s, was failing. The ground had begun to slope with the erosion of a rock wall holding up the entire retail deck. Five business were affected including ours. The repairs could not be put off... permanent damage to the Boatyard retail shops was eminent. While everything was beautiful, there was an ugly reality about to set it.
Several cables were used to hold up the seawall while the necessary construction permits were procured from the City, State, and Coastal Commission. Construction began in December on the Otter Rock restaurant next door.
In January the deck pavers were removed and excavation equipment was brought in to remove the seawall.
As the work progresses we will be posting updates. Once everything is done, we will have a beautiful spot to enjoy your morning coffee, latte, and breakfast. And it will be safe!
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